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Like all other countries , some expensive countries like USA and UAE are also strict on their policy on insurance buying by people for various incidents and happenings . Especially in UAE, where a car insurance has been made mandatory by Government to be owned by a vehicle owner at any time . For vehicle owners especially for luxury cars in UAE , Car insurance becomes mandatory as a small dent can have a big load of repair expenses on the owner . There are unlimited car insurance providers in UAE which provides numerous protection plans for cars in UAE. is one of the most popular car insurance provider in UAE where the company offers a digital platform to apply for a car insurance for your car online in UAE at nominal charges and without moving to any offices. The company offers car insurance claim through a mobile application direct transffered to the account of the car owner or the car company for services.

Where to buy car insurance in UAE, is a trusted company to buy car insurance in Emirates and what benefits are associated in buying a car insurance in UAE is what we have tried to explain in this article for you.

Car Insurance in UAE

Car Insurance is a necessary thing not only for the damages of the car or its repair cost in UAE but also for the safety and reimbursement of the hard earned money of the owner . Sometimes , damage is caused by nature or by some usual incidents for which the repair expenses and damages are borned by a the car owner without having any fault .

In such cases, car insurance in UAE especially for high value cars or sports becomes necessary to be obtained from a trusted company . in dubai is one of the most trusted car insurance provider which provides insurance claims against third party liabilities , own damage and personal accident benefits to the insurance buyer.

Penalty for not having a Car Insurance in UAE

Driving a car or a sports car in UAE without a valid insurance is an offence. There are serious consequences linked to travelling in a car in UAE without insurance :

  1. Car impounding by traffic police.
  2. Cash fine or penalty for not buying an insurance
  3. Imprisonment for ignoring car insurance and rash driving .
  4. Legal charges for not taking care of traffic rules of UAE.

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How to buy a Car Insurance from Salama.Ae in UAE ? is one of the known car insurance provider in UAE with the help of which you can buy a car insurance online by providing details of your vehicle or even providing details of your previous car insurance policy. The insurance support agents there at provides you with complete assistance on how you can purchase an insurance and what amount of premium is to be paid against it .

To buy car insurance from , follow the below procedure :

  1. Go to the official website

2. Navigate to Auto Insurance Section

3. Enter your Name , Email and Phone Number

4. Click Submit .

The car insurance agents there at will instantly call you back to discuss for the best insurance plan for cars in UAE.

What benefits are provided in Car Insurance in UAE from Salama.Ae ?

With taking an Auto insurance from in UAE , you can reap the following benefits on your car insurance in UAE :

1.Free Look Out Services

2.  Free Flat Tyre Service

3. Free Battery Boost Service

4.Free Vehicle Service Recovery

5. Free Fuel Delivery Service

6.Free Off Road Assistance

7. Car Registration Services

8. Toll free customer support.

Claiming Car Insurance in UAE from Salama.Ae

Claiming a car insurance in UAE from is very easy and the company has made it a 5 step process where any claimant has to :

  1. First download the UAE Salama Car Insurance Application .
  2. Select Policy and Register your Claim in the application.
  3. Upload registration card copy and report and license .
  4. Upload picture of the damage and the reason for claim.
  5. Click in Submit .

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Salama.Ae is Trusted Insurance Company in UAE or Not 

Salama is one of the trusted company in UAE for buying car insurance and compared with some of the alternatives and their pricing in car policy – provides hassle free car insurance and easy claims of its customers without submission of any major documents or without any major verification required.

With you can buy car insurance as per your NCB Report or previous insurance report within no time and you can purchase the insurance instantly . The company offers the entire process cashless and online including claims for the insurance also.

What features are included in Salama.AE car insurance in Arab emirates ?

With obtaining car insurance from , the following features are associated with their auto insurance policy :

  1. Always hassle free claim with registration on mobile application .
  2. A grade garage repair and damage report network .
  3. No claim bonus protection
  4. Personal accident bonus for both the driver and the owner
  5. Additional care benefits for car .
  6. Upto 20% NCB Bonus benefit
  7. Dedicated team support.

Contact Support for Car Insurance in UAE from Salama.AE

In case of new policy purchase or for asking for claims over insurance , you can contact on the following contact options of :

Call : 800 725262

Email : Alternatives for Car Insurance Purchase in UAE 

In case , you want to compare for car insurance plans in UAE you can also try for plans from the following companies also :

  1. AXA Insurance
  2. RSA Insurance
  3. Oman Insurance
  4. Union Insurance
  5. Dubai Islamic Insurance (AMAN)
  6. Noor Takaful

Hope , you find this article useful on buying car insurance in UAE from . If you have any queries feel free to share us down in the comment s below.

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