Best ProfreeHost for Free WordPress Hosting on Website 2024

ProFreeHost is a hosting platform available for new bloggers to start their new website without making payment of any subscription plan . Profreehost provides a free hosting plan for all website creators who want to start their own blog or website online . While the hosting service provided by Profreehost is entirely free while it is not recommended to be used for commercial purpose. If you are new in the blogging field , you can start with Profreehost with buying a domain from Godaddy and hosting it with Profreehost.

In this article , we shall be discussing more about Profreehosting service and how you can host your new website on Profreehosting platform online . What is the charges that are to be paid once the trial period is over on Profreehost and what are the risks involved in hosting your website with Profreehosting .

What is ProfreeHost ?

Profreehosting is a hosting service provider company which provides hosting services online to all website creators and bloggers. Those who want to start creating a website or want to transfer their content to a WordPress website , can use Profreehost without paying any single penny.

The hosting provider on Profreehost provides access to Softaculous Builder which can be used to Install WordPress on the Website and can create a website in an easy manner .

Also , the website will be provided with FREE SSL on Profreehosting and also cloudflare inbuilt access is also providing in this hosting .

Benefits of FreeProfreehost and Paid Hosting from Paid Servers

Compared with paid hosting FreeProhosting , provides a number of benefits which are available on a cost plan of Rs 2000 + by paid hosting services provider which include :

  1. Diskspace for upto 5 GB .
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth and traffic handling support.
  3. Cloudflare Access
  4. Free SSL to website.
  5. MYSQL database creation for upto 10 values.
  6. Maximum upload size fixed with 10 mb.

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Hosting issues and Pricing Online 

The hosting provided by Profreehost is lifetime free and you can create unlimited accounts on the platform by signing in through different gmail or email accounts. While , it can be said once the company receives response from clients for their blogs or websites their can be future pricing plans launched by the company .

There can be lot of issues related for free hosting on Profreehost  :

  1. Future problems of pricing on Profreehost .
  2. No support or customer support on Profreehost .
  3. SSL Issues generally happen on Free hosting platforms .
  4. Profreehost can in future create problems for the website owners.

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How to host website on ProfreeHost ?

For hosting website on profreehost , it is an easy process :

  1. Go to ProfreeHost official website .
  2. Click on Create Account .
  3. Enter your Email and other domain details .
  4. Confirm your account .
  5. Enter your domain and use CPANEL
  6. Enter Nameservers
  7. Wait for 24 hours and Go to CPANEL Again
  8. Install WordPress from Softaculous Builder

Now , you can proceed with creating your website on this free hosting plan of Profreehost .

Alternatives of ProfreeHost 

While there are limited free hosting providers online like Profreehost , but you can consider buying a hosting plan from the following :

  2. HioxIndia Hosting Service
  3. Godaddy Hosting
  5. Infinity Free Hosting Website

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Is Profreehost available for free lifetime ?

Yes is available for free for lifetime . While every year you have to create a new account and transfer your website to another website hosting .

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