Bikanervala Franchise Cost in India – Investment and Profitability in Sweets Franchise Company Bikanervala 2024

Bikanervala Franchise Cost , Investment and Profit in Sweets Business in India – It is observed that in every festive season , the demand for sweets and flavored candies increases . In India , some of the famous sweet making companies and retail sweet makers makes good business every year which of them includes the Haldiram , The Bikaner Sweets and also Monga Sweets . Out of them Bikanervala also offers franchise opportunity to business owners to setup their own sweet shop anywhere in India in name of Bikanervala .

Bikanervala franchise offers a customized franchise option for setting up your own sweet business , sweet retail shop or sweet manufacturing or sweet wholesale business in name of Bikanervala . How you can start franchise store of Bikanervala and what is the total franchise cost investment in Bikanervala franchise in India is what we have discussed in detail in this article .

Bikanervala Franchise Cost

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The total investment in starting the Bikanervala franchise in any location in India would include :

  1. Franchise cost – Around Rs 5 lakh to Rs 30 lakh
  2. Investment in Fixed Assets – Around Rs 5 lakh to 1 crore .
  3. Land Area – 500 sq. to 900 sq .
  4. License Fees / Agreement Charges

Apart from these some additional investment is also be done based on the product categories included in the menu of the franchise .

Bikanervala Sweets Business Franchise Documents 

For application of Bikanervala franchise in India , you can submit the following documents :

  1. Applicant KYC Documents
  2. Past Performance and Revenue Reports of Business
  3. Investment Proposal
  4. Franchise Application Form .
  5. Agreement

Investment in Bikanervala Franchise

Investment in Bikanervala franchise would be required in :

  1. Basic franchise setup cost
  2. Purchase of equipment
  3. Payment of Salaries
  4. Setup of the store basic furniture
  5. Electricity equipment and other equipment of Franchise
  6. Setup of ERP Software for the franchise .

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Why Bikanervala Franchise ?

Bikanervala franchise is known for its quality of sweets and festive products. Also , it resembles the most famous sweet franchise in India namely ” BIKANER ” on which people trust the most.

Bikanervala Franchise Vs Bikaner Sweets Business

Bikanervala franchise is sometimes confused with the Bikaner Sweets , but both are separate businesses where Bikaner Sweets offer only few stores setup in an area whereas Bikanervala Setting up their business all over India currently hold only 60+ stores all over India and want to setup more than 1000+ stores in India in name of sweets.

Product Categories and SKUs of Bikanervala Franchise

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Bikanervala Include the following product and SKU categories :

  1. Sweets
  2. Namkeen
  3. Special Snacks
  4. Packed Sweets
  5. Packed Foods
  6. Drinks and Beverages

Process of Bikanervala Franchise Apply

To apply for Bikanervala franchise , there is no specific form provided by the company for submission of franchise online , but for those who want to apply for bikanervala franchise can directly contact on their franchise contact number 011-4700-6735 .

Fixed Investment and Working Capital in Bikanervala Franchise Sweets Business

Fixed Investment in Bikanervala Franchise required in buying equipments required for keeping the sweets and packed foods healthy under proper temperature and investment in furniture and fixtures. For fixed investment , in Bikanervala franchise amount of Rs 50 lakh shall be required .

For working capital , daily investment of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh shall be required especially in festive season to keep the SKUs in the store.

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Profit in Bikervala Franchise Sweets Business

For setting up direct retail store for selling Bikanervala franchise goods , you can earn an easy profit of 10 to 30% on the price of the goods . For bulk purchases from the company, with respect to the cash margins and cash payment discounts , you can increase your margins to 35%.

Agreement and Bikanervala Franchise Types

For application of Bikanervala franchise in India , the owner has to enter in a franchise agreement period which will be undertaken for a period of 2 years to 5 years after which new agreement can be done or renewal of the previous agreement can be done.

No , sales commission is to be paid on sales or royalty to the company every year.

Renewal Agreement of Bikanervala Franchise in India

For renewal of agreement , you might have to pay a renewal fees and in case new agreement after the expiry of the agreement of bikanervala franchise the franchise cost of Rs 5 LAKH to Rs 30 lakh has to be paid again .

Alternatives of Bikanervala Franchise Sweets Business in India

Other than Bikanervala franchise , alternatives of Bikanervala franchise can be applied for more profitability and sales :

  1. Jain Bakery Franchise
  2. Nathu Sweets Franchise
  3. BansooriWALA Franchise
  4. Om Sweets Franchise
  5. Nand Sweets Franchise

Bikanervala Franchise Customer Support Contact Number

For Bikanervala franchise application, you can contact on the following support numbers of the company :

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