Earn Money from Unizone Rs 15000 per Month with Adding Brands info on your Whatsapp Status – Unizone Legit or Not ?

Unizone Earn Money Online – Unizone platform online has come up with an unique idea to help youngsters make money online with their Whatsapp network where they can join the Unizone platform to make money online . On the Unizone platform , you can join for the ad program and once approved you can place the brand program on your whatsapp status where based on the ad views you will get paid by the platform .

If you want to earn money online with Unizone platform , then in this article we have discussed What is Unizone platform , how you can earn money online from Unizone platform and if the Unizone platform to make money online is legit or not is all have been discussed here.

Unizone Earn Money Online Platform Online

Unizone.one is a platform where you can receive offers from brands to place their new offers on your Whatsapp status and make money online . With based on the number of views on the Whatsapp status , the brand pays for the earnings based on per view of the Whatsapp status .

For making money on the Unizone platform ,one has to share the brand ads on Whatsapp status and after some time has to upload the screenshot of views on the Unizone platform to redeem earnings.

How to Unizone Earn Money Online ?

To earn money , you can join the Unizone platform in the following way :

  1. Go to Unizone.one
  2. Sign up with your Email
  3. Confirm your account and complete your profile
  4. Check for offers and brand ads.
  5. Apply for the campaigns .
  6. Check for earnings
  7. Place ad on your Whatsapp status
  8. Take screenshot of your Whatsapp status with views count .

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Registration on Unizone Platform to Earn Money 

It is simple to register on Unizone platform , as it does not require any special document to start earning from Unizone platform . You can sign up with your Gmail on the platform and can start working on it.

Earning Proof Unizone.one Platform 

While the Unizone platform is still new to earn money and is currently used by around 1 lakh people only . It can be considered that it is legit platform to make money and you can check the earning from Unizone on its platform also.

Is Unizone Legit or Scam Platform to Make Money Online ?

Unizone is a legit platform to make money online as they does not require any special information from you and payments from Unizone can be received directly on your bank account . With completing simple programs, you can earn money anywhere easily Rs 15000 to Rs 25000 per month on the platform.

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Receiving Payment from Unizone 

You can receive payments from Unizone directly in your bank account when your earnings becomes Rs 15 or more . The platform pays directly on your bank account once you update your banking details .

How Unizone pays money to you ?

Unizone pays money to your bank account by a payment link where by completing your details you can receive your payout from the platform.

Redeeming earning from Unizone Platform 

To redeem your earnings from Unizone platform completing offers , you can redeem your earnings once it reaches Rs 15 .

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How to contact Unizone Contact Support Team ?

In case you didnot receive your payments or any new ad offers from brands then you can contact the Unizone Platform support team on their email in their mobile application or through the chat option in the application .


Can you earn from Unizone platform with Whatsapp groups ?

NO , currently you can only earn through Whatsapp status through Unizone platform.

Is Unizone a legit platform to make money online ?

Yes , Unizone is a legit platform to start making money online .

How to receive payment from Unizone.one platform ?

You can redeem your earnings in your bank account by entering your bank account details.

Does Unizone pays for Clicks or Whatsapp status views ?

Currently Unizone pays for views , while for clicks additional affiliate sales amount is paid .

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