Earning Money from Clickworker Online in USA

With online freelancing or working on mini jobs online you can get paid anywhere between 10 USD to even 500 USD per day or on the basis of task provided . While there are number of legit platforms online to make money , but most of them are not worthy as their is no specific proofs of their payments available online also most of the platforms have a number of negative feedbacks related to their payment schedule or task they provide. An easiest way of choosing a good freelancing platform is by confirming its reviews on trust review websites like Trustpilot.com.

As a freelancer , if you are looking for a decent option to make money online then in this article , you will get to know about a popular platform Clickworker.com where you can make good money doing time bound jobs, paid projects or doing paid tasks.

What is ClickWorking ?

Bandhan ke liye is form ko bharo

Clickworking is another way of making money online doing small paid jobs . Click working basically means working for specific tasks which are available for a shorter duration and you have to perform some repetitive actions . Click working jobs include :

  1. Doing data entry
  2. Extracting data from online or offline material provided
  3. Using some formulas or tools for generation of some other data .
  4. Translating data from language to another .
  5. Designing some creatives
  6. Editing some creatives
  7. Researching data
  8. Analysis Work
  9. Assessments and Audit

How can you make decent income from Clickworking online in USA ?

It is true that their is big competition in the market for jobs in the freelancing sector and the gig market , but their are few platforms which are still providing jobs on the basis of certain skills and aptitude of the applicant . The gig market compared to a full time job is getting more preference Worldwide , especially in USA where people who are managing their offline stores require assistance in digital management of their business online .

Click-working online in USA , is getting paid for over 100$ per day where freelancers are hired for managing websites , putting up data of students on the websites , doing data entry jobs for credit and finance companies, auditing calling data for tele-calling centers etc . There are number of click-working jobs available online . As an aspirant looking for jobs in USA , Gig working is an initial step as it moves the applicant a step forward to get a full time job with the employer of the gig maker .

Also , gig workers are paid in USA for doing small jobs and it has become an easiest way of earning money online with involving much time . With clickworking , you can earn money from doing microjobs including categorization of data , correcting texts , words or phrases , translating text to audio or audio to text , doing surveys etc.

How to make income from Clickworker platforms ?

Clickworker is a trusted and a legitimate platform to make money online .With clickworker.com you can work independently doing paid micro jobs at your home or somewhere at your office . You shall be provided some tasks like data scraping , data analysis or research work etc . For doing clickwork , the only assets you need is a computer / laptop and an internet connection .

To make money from Clickworker.com , you can register on the platform the following way :

  1. Go to Clickworker.com
  2. Click on Sign Up
  3. Enter all details and fill the required form .
  4. Click on Submit
  5. Verify Email and Mobile Number

Once , you register login to your account and fill in the survey to your profile . Once you profile is verified – check out for surveys and data entry jobs available as per your location or amount paid for the job.

How much money can you make from Clickworking online ?

On an average , a freelancer worker online earns somewhere around 100 USD to 500 USD working online per day .While the highest amount to be paid for the job depends on the accuracy and the need of the employer . On the clickworking platform , for doing small jobs tasks are provided on the basis of qualification and trust review of the gig worker . On completion of certain tasks , you shall be awarded with a good number of task on the platform.

On Clickworker.com any freelancer can make anywhere around 1000 USD to 5000 USD per month doing freelance jobs . You can apply for timebound tasks on the platform , where you are paid instantly for completion of the task . To check the number of tasks available on the platform you can also check the Clickworker.com playstore application .

What tools can you use to do Clickworking online in USA ?

To complete your tasks quickly you require some effective freelancing tools . There are number of tools available online which helps you complete your Clickworking tasks easily. These tools are available on the internet for free which you can use to reduce your task burden . Also ,with online freelance tools you can save your time doing small micro jobs which otherwise would take about an hr or might be a day to complete .

Some of the best clickworking tools available online for freelancing include :

  1.  Remove.bg – For removing background from any image .
  2. Copymatic Writer – For writing product description for sellers online .
  3. Digitalfirst.ai – For creating marketing gigs and headlines or CTA for marketing campaigns.
  4. Playphrase.me – For searching videos related to some phrases .
  5. Tailorbrands.com – For making quick logo online .
  6. Octoparse.com – For data scraping
  7. Webscraper.io – Data scraping over web online for free .
  8. Dexi.io – Data scraping
  9. Deepl.com  Free online translator

Is Clickworking better than Affiliate marketing ?

Clickworking task include microtask and microjobs which can be done within a time frame of 5 minutes to 24 hrs work time . Compared in terms of working schedule , affiliate marketing does not involve any particular timeline to get paid and it is to be done until a sale is generated . In terms of rewards and payments , Affiliating marketing is highly rewarding as sometimes within a single sale you can generate commission anywhere from 100 USD to 1000 USD and for some products even some recurring commissions are also available .

In Clickworking you have to complete certain tasks and jobs – the monetary aspect of such jobs gets accumulated on your account and paid once you reach your threshold.

Do Clickworker.com provides payment ?

Clickworker.com is the most trusted and legitimate platform in terms of working with Gigs online . In order to receive payment , you need to have a paypal and payoneer account online to receive a minimum payment of 5 Euro and 10 Euro respectively . For receiving payments , you can associate your paypal account to the platform .

For payment proof from Clickworker.com , you can check this video .


Hope , this article on working on clickworking in USA online seems useful to you . If you have queries related to this article , then you can share your feedback comments down in the comment section below . 

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