Google Pay Loan 15000 Apply Online Complete Procedure and Google Pay Loan Eligibility

Google Pay Loan 15000 Apply Online – Apply for a small amount of loan from a bank or a private nbfc in India could be difficult as they might ask you for long documentation and procedural queries for loan approval . But to solve , daily credit needs of people like other payment companies like Paytm , Phonepe -Google Pay has also partnered with top banking institutions of India to provide you small credit finance loan of Rs 15000 within small EMI.

If you are looking for small credit facilities for your business or for your personal needs you can apply for short term Google Pay Loan for Rs 15000 with EMI of Rs 111 per month. What are the terms of Google Pay loan for Rs 15000,Who can apply for this loan and what documents or the repayment procedure is all has been discussed in this article for you .

Google Pay Loan 15000 Apply Online

Google Pay partnering with multiple banking institutions is offering a credit facility of Rs 15000 to all those loan seekers who for their daily requirement take credits or loans from others. Google Pay partnering with banks and NBFCs to provide loan for upto Rs 15000 based on the credit transaction history of the person or the credit score or business profile of the person .

Google Pay loan for Rs 15000 can be applied online through Google pay only where there is a minimum requirement for documentation and all documentation shall be done through the Google Pay KYC Team or the bank approving the loan .

Google Pay Loan 15000 Eligibility for Application

Eligibility for Loan from Google Pay is not yet defined while the loans are currently approved by the banking partner . While you can check for the loan offers available on the Google Pay app where on the Money Section where you can check for credit loan offers available from different banks .

The basic eligibility for application of Google Pay loan include :

1 . Age should be more than 18 years .

2. The loan can be applied for personal or business purpose.

3. The credit score shall be calculated based on the Google Pay receipt and Payment history of the person.

4. KYC of the loan applicant with Google Pay should be completed .

Google Pay Loan 15000 How to Apply Online

To apply for Google Pay Loan Rs 15000 online , you can follow the below procedure :

  1. Download the Google Pay Mobile application from the Google play store .
  2. Complete the account section and complete your KYC with Email and Aadhaar Details .
  3. Go to Money Section
  4. Check for Loan Offers
  5. Click on best offer you like for loan
  6. Click on Apply for Loan
  7. Fulfil the requirements
  8. The amount will be credited to your Google Pay linked bank account .

The EMI will be deducted per month from the bank account of the user.

Instant Loan App Google Pay 15000 Application Documents

There is no document requirement for application of Rs 15000 Google Pay loan. While it is necessary for the applicant to provide the KYC information like PAN Card or linked mobile number with Aadhaar card for verification to apply for loan .

While choosing an offer from a particular bank or NBFC , you can check the document requirement like Bank statement , previous income proof etc.

Contact Support for Google Pay Loan 15000

In case , you get any problem related to Google Pay loan for Rs 15000 you can contact the Google Pay support team in the contact section of the application . Go to support section and choose for Customer Support Assistance Chat or Email support on Google Pay.

Google Pay Loan App Customer Support :  1-800-419-0157.

Google Pay Loan Online Apply EMI 111Rs

The EMI for the loan taken for upto Rs 15000 would be as low as Rs 111 depending on the credit score computed by applicant bank .While it can be higher for a shorter duration .

How EMI 111Rs will be deducted in Google Pay Loan ?

With Google Pay loan EMI for Rs 15000 will be deducted by bank or by the NBFC on Auto debit mode every month or quarterly basis as asked by the applicant while filing application for loan in the application .

Who can get Google Pay Loan for Rs 15000 ?

There is no specific eligibility for loan application from Google Pay while you can apply for different loan schemes even if you are a :

  1. Street food seller.
  2. Vegetable seller
  3. Salaried employee
  4. Small businessman
  5. Labour etc.

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Google Pay Loan and Google Pay Sachets Loan Qualification

For Google Pay loan qualification for loan approval is considered by the credit score computation of the applicant where he has not defaulted for any previous loan as checked by the banking partner of Google Pay offering loan to the applicant .

What credit score is required for Google Pay Loan 15000 Apply Online ?

The credit score for Google Pay loan 15000 apply online should be more than 600 or 650. 

Partners of Google Pay Loan for Rs 15000 EMI 111 PER Month

With Google Pay loan offers , you can apply for loan from :

  1. Federal Bank
  2. IDFC Bank
  3. Moneyview Loan
  4. DMI Finance
  5. HDFC Bank
  6. Ujjivan Finance etc

For Whom this Google Pay app loan feature is started ?

Google Pay app loan Rs 15000 is started for small credit needs of people requiring loans for their daily credit needs.

Google Pay Loan 15000 Application Process Video Help

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Applying a loan from Google Pay is an amazing feature to receive Rs 15000 on credit without much bank complications and procedures . Also , the EMI amount Rs 111 which is easily affordable by any person.


Who can apply for Google Pay Loan for 15000 ?

Anyperson with registeded KYC Account on Google Pay can apply for Loan offers from Google Pay at lower interest rates.

What is the EMI for Google Pay Loan 15000 ?

The EMI for Google Pay Loan for Rs 15000 is as low as Rs 111.

When will the Loan 15000 Google Pay be provided by banks ?

The loan approval is done within hours and instantly credited to the bank account of applicant .

Can Google Pay Loan application reject for Rs 15000 ?

If the loan application is rejected in Google Pay app, it shall be rejected by the bank where you can ask for the reason of rejection of the loan from the bank .

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