How to Setup a Website under Rs 700/- and Earn $500 (Rs 40,000/)- per Month ?

If you look online, there are many such websites which are running their business online as a blogging website, as a news website, as a helping tool or as an education website. In these websites, basic income is from advertisement and then from affiliate sales. It takes you some more time to do affiliate sales or you have to target your website on a specific topic that will bring quality traffic to your website or generate from your sales website. If you look online, you will not get complete information anywhere that how you can setup your website.

Website is an ideal setup to generate monthly revenue by monetizing your content/articles or to sell your products online. But for this you have to present your website with some unique content and with unique idea. There is no problem to setup website in India, defining the niche is the most important step to get into the field.

If you want to set up a website and earn daily income with low investment, then read this article carefully.

What earns more Website or Video Content Creation ?

earn from website , website traffic , traffic on website

Both the concepts are totally different in earning online as compared to viewership or readership. If you look at YouTube or any video monetization platform, you will understand that to earn on videos, you need user retention or quality viewers who react according to your content. If you create video content then you get earning based on viewership, watchtime or CPM (Cost Per Mile). The body also depends on which country your viewer is located from. High CPM countries for video content are:

  1. America
  2. UK
  3. Australia
  4. Canada

If you prepare content to target some countries, then you can earn a good income. If we talk about the website, compared to video content, then website can earn more money than any video earning platform because it defines earning per viewer or according to its location. Managing a website is also comparatively easier than video content creation.

How much money you can make from a website ?

On an average if you create an e-commerce website and if it is based on a niche if more than 1 lakh traffic per month, then ap website can earn from $5000 to $20000 dollars monthly just from advertisement revenue. What is different, if you are selling any product, then you can generate parallel revenue from the sales of your as product.

If your website is a blog or a media house based newspaper website, then you can make advertising revenue with affiliate products. In this, your revenue increases on the basis of monthly visitors / sessions / page-views. For a good number of visitors, you can earn 20000 dollars or more monthly from your blog website.

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What is the total expense you have to make for creating a website ?

earn from website , website traffic , traffic on website

Creating any website is a lie online, there is confusion whether a website can be created by taking best hosting or normal hosting or not? , Second, how should you take the domain from which can generate revenue as quickly as possible, you also have to decide before starting blogging.

My total expenditure in blogging is around Rs 500 to Rs 2000 per year depending on the type of hosting you want and the difference between different hosting plans. Your total expense list for starting a blog or website would be something like this:

  • Domain – Rs 100 to Rs 1500
  • Hosting – Rs 500 to Rs 2000 (depending on bandwidth, storage or cPanel usage).
  • SSL – Free up to Rs.700 per year.

How to Setup your website under Rs 700 ?

To setup a website, it is most important that if you at your learning stage, then you can create a healthy blog with less investment than investing more. So you can setup your website from scratch by following these steps :

  1. Buy Domain at Godaddy – Always choose .com domain for blog and .in / .us / .ru or .net for country specific website .
  2. Buy Hosting from – Choose Shared hosting plan of this website which will cost you around Rs 500 .

earn from website , website traffic , traffic on website

  1. Get nameservers of and put them in nameservers of Godaddy by going on Godaddy login > Domains > Manage DNS > Nameservers.
  2. It will take 4 to 5 hours for nameservers to update .
  3. Go to Atozserver login and go to Cpanel
  4. Check for ‘Softaculous WordPress Installer ‘.
  5. Setup directory and login details of WordPress.
  6. Now access – and enter your login details .
  7. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Theme

After setting up the WordPress theme, you can start putting posts/articles in the post section. In the jism api plugins section install Jacar Yoast Plugin and Google Site Kit Plugin jrur. Its bad your website is running me.

How much time you will require to make money from website ?

It hardly takes 8 hours to setup any website but you have to create a complete website with content or theme adjustments, then it takes you 1 month to setup the website from work to work. To grow this , you have to organically, just post 2 articles on the website daily, due to which traffic (users) will start coming to your website.

To generate real revenue from website you have to dedicate at least 3 months to any website Jism ap continuously post content on ap website. The content should be unique or of quality that people would like to read or should be relevant to the niche of your website.

Depending on the content of the website, how much your CPC (cost per click) remains and depending on your traffic, how much revenue you will generate.

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How do you receive payments of income earned on a website ?

earn from website , website traffic , traffic on website

To earn from the website judge is suggested from Adnetwork like Adsense or Ejoic. In this, you will receive monthly minimum 100$ which is given directly to your bank account. You can also take payment from Ezoic network to your Paypal or Payoneer account.

If you want to make website or you face any problem in making website then you can talk to us. If you have any question regarding this article, then share it by commenting in the below comment section.

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