IDFC WOW Credit Card Apply 2024 – Best Credit Card for Students in 2024

IDFC Wow Credit Card Online 2024 – Credit Card for Students with IDFC Bank without having a bank account or credit history . IDFC Bank is offering a credit card for unemployed ,credit card for small business and credit cards for students so that they use credit offered by the bank in necessary situations . It is one of the most demanded credit card of IDFC bank where the WOW product is available to every customer or non-customer of the bank to receive credit card without credit history.

IDFC Wow Credit card application , benefits and more you need to know about this credit card from IDFC Bank all has been explained in this article.

IDFC WOW Credit Card Online Apply 

idfc wow credit card

IDFC Wow Credit Card from IDFC Bank can be applied online following the below procedure :

Go to the IDFC Wow Credit Card Application Page.

Enter your Name, Birthdate and Aadhaar Details.

Click on Get OTP

Once the information is submitted , the credit card customer support of IDFC Bank will contact you to take your wow credit card process further .

Documents for IDFC WOW Credit Card Online Application 

The following IDFC Wow credit card documents shall be asked to apply online :

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. PAN Card
  3. Address Proof
  4. Fixed Deposit Receipt with any bank .
  5. Passport Size Photograph

IDFC WOW Credit Card Eligibility 

The following applicants are eligible to apply for IDFC Wow credit card online :

  1. Must be aged 18 to 70.
  2. Indian residents
  3. NRE with Saving account with IDFC Bank .
  4. Fixed deposit slip and maintenance with IDFC Bank

On application whether to permit the credit card to the applicant is entire in the hand of IDFC Bank . For IDFC WOW Credit card application rejection , you can ask for the reason and can file a new application for the credit card again with the bank.

IDFC Wow Credit Card Benefits and Offers 

The IDFC WOW Credit card benefit list include :

  1. No income proof required to apply the credit card.
  2. For the amount of FD Made with the bank the credit can be availed with the credit card.
  3. Interest on due amount can vary from as low as 7.5 percent.
  4. EMI payment option to due amount is also available.
  5. Reward points on spending and repayment are also provided.
  6. No Forex conversion charges are their.
  7. 100% of the FD Amount can be withdrawn from the bank .
  8. Upto 50% off on movie ticket booking with idfc wow credit card.
  9. No fees on issue of credit card.
  10. Personal accident cover upto Rs 2 lakh
  11. Increase credit limit anytime with increased fixed deposit amount .

Can IDFC Wow Credit Card be applied without Credit History ?

Yes , IDFC Wow credit card can be applied without any credit history or income proof. It is issued against fixed deposit with kept with the bank.

IDFC WOW Card Charges – Credit Card Charges with IDFC

There are no charges on issue of credit card to the customer . On blocking or ATM withdrawl there are no charges against the FD or ATM withdrawal.

For Online payments , some percentage of surcharge or additional charges are to be paid.

No additional charges of increasing limit of the credit.

IDFC Wow Credit Card Interest Rate

For repayment of IDFC Credit card due balance with the IDFC Bank , the interest rate based on delay in payment shall be charged at the rate of 7.5% to 45%.

Block IDFC Wow Credit Card 

To block IDFC Wow credit card , you can contact on the support customer number of IDFC Bank for closure .

IDFC Wow Credit Card Interest Charges 

The interest charges on repayment and dues with IDFC Wow credit card is 7.5% and above based on the credit duration .

How to Increase your IDFC Wow credit card limit ?

To increase your IDFC Wow credit card limit you can fill the following form and submit a new Fixed deposit to the bank for increasing the limit without any charges . IDFC WOW Credit Limit Increase form .

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Payment of IDFC Wow Credit Card Bill Online 

You can repay your IDFC Wow credit card due bill by visiting the nearby online IDFC Bank branch or you can also make payment through the official website of IDFC Bank online there at

Claim IDFC Wow Reward Points

For every shopping or spending with IDFC Wow credit card , the bank offers never expiring reward points to claim any time . You can also make payments rather than cash with your reward points.

IDFC Wow Credit Card Customer Care Number 

In case you want to block your IDFC Wow credit card or ask for any query related to your IDFC Bank WOW Card , then you can contact on the following customer care number of IDFC WOW :


Activate Wow Credit Card IDFC Online 

You can activate IDFC Wow credit card Online in three ways :

  1. Using IDFC Netbanking Option @
  2. Using IDFC Mobile banking application
  3. Using Customer Care Number of IDFC Bank 180010888.

IDFC Wow Credit Card Closure and Charges

For Closure of your IDFC WOW CRedit card closure application, you can take your fixed deposit amount from the bank after payment of all your dues and charges , the WOW Credit card from the bank will be cancelled and no charges shall be taken as it is free for life.

IDFC WOW Credit Card Track Online 

Once you make the application for delivery of your Wow credit card , you can track wow credit card application online on the mobile application of IDFC Bank.

Usage and Customer IDFC Wow Credit Card Review 

You can make usage of IDFC Wow credit card upto the limit of the fixed deposit created with the bank and it is one of the best credit card in terms of interest rates and payments online.


IDFC Wow ATM Withdrawl Charges and Limit ?

There are no charges included in IDFC Bank credit card and the limit is provided for the amount of fixed deposit created with IDFC Bank .

IDFC Wow Card Billing Cycle for Customers ?

The billing cycle for IDFC Wow card billing cycle will be completed every month where by 5th of next month the due of previous month is to be paid .

IDFC Wow Card Closure Process and Closure Duration ?

There are no charges included in IDFC Wow credit card closure and the closure application can be completed within 24 hours.

Is their any forex conversion fees on IDFC Wow Card ?

No , their is no forex conversion charges on IDFC Wow credit card.

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