Investment and Profitability of German Doner Kebab Franchise in India – Earn in Lakhs with this Unique Business Franchise 2023

There are many famous franchises around the world according to different food cuisines, some of them inspired by Indian spicy foods and some for health conscious people. One such franchise that has limited stores in India is the German Doner Kebab franchise. The company holds the current stores of the franchise in Europe, North America or the Middle East region where there is a high demand for kebabs at the stores.

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If seen in India, there is a lot of demand for foods like kebabs or steak along with international cuisine. The German Doner Kebab Franchise Chain currently has only 100+ stores with popular stores like Canada, Bahrain, UK or UAE as its franchises.

If you want to apply German Doner Kebab Franchise in India and wants to know how much investment will be in Indian Rupees in Franchise and how you have to apply for it, everything has been explained to you in this article.

About German Doner Kebab Franchise

The most successful German Doner Kebab franchise was opened in Berlin in 1989, with the special touch given to the spice-based food recipe. This Berlin-based franchise is known for its quality ingredients or employee service. The most special thing about this franchise is the sauce used in their kebabs, which is a secret secret in every recipe.

To maintain quality, the company’s criteria is that special beef or pure chicken fillets for each dish are imported from Germany. Jism’s company buys fresh vegetables daily Bread with specialty use – Doner Kebab Bread is also used only in ISI franchisee. The company says that the taste of their kebabs gives a unique experience that can be consumed both day and night, as compared to other franchises at the same venue.

Investment in German Doner Kebab Franchise in India

For investing in German Doner Kebab franchise it is important to know how many kebab shops, retail stores or brand outlets are there in your area according to your market survey. You can invest in this franchise and see how much demand is there for Kebabs or product related to this franchise in your area. Talking about investing in the German donor franchise, investment in this franchise is needed:

  • To setup the outlet.
  • To take franchisee.
  • To import products.

According to the company, the franchise cost for taking Doner Kebab franchise has been kept per investment location, in which if you open in a crowded shopping mall, you need at least 400 to 600 square feet of space or 1.5 cr with the licensing fee. An investment ranging in Doner Kebab Franchise Cost ranges from 1 crore to 2.5 crore may have to be made in taking this franchise. On the other hand, if you want to apply this franchisee in India as an inline store or wants to set up in a drive through area, then your investment can be around 5 crores.

How much Profits can be made with German Doner Kebab Franchise in India ?

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Talking about the product range of German Doner Kebab, this outlet can be opened in India especially for foreign visitors, in which you get about 50% to 80% discount per dish. Talking about the average pricing of any dish, you can get a dish from 5 Euro to around 100 to 500 Euro. Talking about the product range of the franchise, Famous Cuisine includes these products:

  • OG Kebab
  • Coco Kebabs
  • Berlin stasse
  • Kcal Kebab
  • Kiki Kebab
  • Panini etc.

German Doner Kebab Franchise gives you additional profits in the form of royalty or trust in the form of taking a proven franchisee that operates on an established logistics or supply chain. Starting in India this Franchise can grab the attention of overseas customers especially German based food lovers as compared to overseas outlets.

Application Process for German Doner Kebab Franchise

You can contact the support point of the company to know whether the German Donner franchise is available in India or what are the terms and conditions of this company for the franchise issue. But if you are looking for an investment opportunity in food chain then you can opt for German Doner Kebab business franchise. You need to submit the company’s application form online to apply for the franchise.

Franchise Support Details of German Doner Kebab in India 

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After applying German Doner Franchise, if you want to check your application status or minimum investment requirement in India, then contact German Doner official email to AP company: se contact kr skte hai .

Generally, like the company, you are given guidance regarding all the problems or the franchisee. If you want to know about capital or product import or terms of legal contracts in the team, then you will have to raise your question on the email of this franchisee only.


German Doner Kebab Franchise is a unique opportunity for Kebab Lovers in India, as till now in India you will find many franchises of Biryani or Chicken. But this Kebab franchise is a reputed or popular franchise as steak based products or German bread based products are loved by people all over the world.

Note: This website does not tell you the exact application process, if you want to contact the company for franchisee then you have to contact on their official email.

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