Juniper Hotels Share Price Market View and Current Market Price : Long Term Investing in Hotel Industry in 2024

Juniper Hotels Share Price NSE listed at the price of Rs 360 while the company comes with a stong financial background and deals in services of hotel industry . The stock is still under view of the investors to whether to consider the holding in the stock for long term or not and whether they are in the right view of the price to keep the stocks of Juniper Hotels allocated in the IPO in their Portfolio. If you have alloted the IPO of Juniper Hotels then in this article we shall be discussing what can be the next 4 quarters view of the company and what can be the expected price of the stock on NSE and BSE .

Note : This is not a stock buy recommendation and nor we are SEBI registered to give a view of the stock for investment or trading . Consider trading or investing in Juniper Hotels share price only after discussing with a SEBI Registered Professional.

Juniper Hotels Share Price 2024

The IPO is listed on 28th of January ,2024 and Juniper Hotels is one of the kind of companies operating in the Hotel Industry . But before investing for the long term you can take the view about the IPO from the top market experts .

The Juniper Hotels IPO is listed on the price of Rs 360 while the company is still getting positive feedback from investors and traders . The expected outlook for the company can called as Bullish for the coming years due to expansion in the travel and tourism industry.

Returns that can be expected in Long Terms in Juniper Hotels IPO Share by Market Experts 

Manifold returns can be expected from the IPO as well as Juniper Hotels share price expectations in 2025 and 2026. While top market experts view that you must check before investing in this stock :

Juniper Hotels share price IPO Anil Singhvi


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After Listing view of Juniper Hotels Share Price IPO Anil Singhvi

Investing in Juniper Hotels Share in Groww

To invest in the company shares you can open a demat account with Groww and can go in the search option . Opening a demat account with Groww is easy and it can be done in 48 hours. Then select for the quantity of stocks to buy and deposit money in your Groww account .

Once deposited click on buy and go for execution . It will come on the main dashboard screen of Groww and will be shown under the ‘ Holdings ‘ Tab .

For Intraday in Juniper Hotels share price in Groww you can buy the quantity by selecting Intraday.

Why juniper hotels GMP share investment and not others ?

Juniper Hotels is of the Hotel and Tourism industry company and it can be said  (just an opinion ) that in the coming years the Gaming and travel industry will boom which will also benefit the Hotel industry.

How much investment to allocate in Juniper Hotels share price in 2024 ?

Out of the total portfolio you can give a 3 to 5% stake to Juniper Hotels share price in your portfolio in 2024 . But if you are investing for long time you can also get more holdings .

Groww or Zerodha for Long time Investing in Juniper Hotels Share price Financials

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Conclusion on Juniper Hotels Share Price Investment 2024 

If you have invested in the Juniper Hotels share price IPO , then it is the right time to keep the stocks under holdings for a long time . If you are thinking to invest in the stock with the raised IPO , you can buy at dips or you can also prefer to buy through a SIP mode.


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