MOT Test in UK of Vehicles – What if you miss the Test, Penalties and Repairs after MOT Test 2023

Being an owner of a vehicle whether be a bike or a car , it is necessary to ensure that you meet the minimum road safety requirements in United Kingdom . To meet these requirements, a test is conducted annually by Ministry of Transport Test , which states for status of your vehicle for road worthiness. But still most of the people are not aware in UK , about the MOT Status of their vehicle .

In this article , you will get to know What is a MOT Test in UK , What is required to do MOT Test and how to check MOT status of their vehicle in UK and much more .

What is an MOT test ?

MOT Test is an annual test of vehicles as per the minimum safety standards provided by UK government for vehicles . It is a legal requirement for vehicle owners to take care off their vehicles is over 3 years old . The test is conducted by accredited agencies and garages by the Govt. of UK.

Why MOT Test is Important in UK ?

MOT test is important as it helps the vehicle owner to run their vehicle on UK roads approvals from UK government and meeting the environmental standards . MOT test helps owners to early detect problems in their vehicles before they become too serious . Also , it is required from the view of driver safety so that annual testing of the vehicles could be done for the safety of driver.

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How often do I need to get an MOT test ? 

For getting your vehicles tested in UK , it is necessary to get a MOT Test done once in a year. If you have purchased an old vehicle or your vehicle is more than 3 years old from the date of purchase then it is a mandatory task . For special vehicles including taxis and ambulances , the time period for MOT test stated for 6 months .

What does an MOT test cover ?

Some special tests are conducted under the MOT Test where  the vehicle undergoes through several environmental checks, suspension checks , exhaust emissions , lights and seatbelt checks . For changed procedures and the complete MOT testing rules , you can check on the UK Government MOT Website.

Where can I get an MOT test ?

While there are some notified agencies for taking care of MOT test to be conducted of all vehicles in UK . As a vehicle owner , you can self apply or book an appointment for MOT testing center in UK on the official MOT website which can be situated near by you.

How much does an MOT test cost ?

As an annual testing compliance for the vehicle ,you need to pay somewhere around 30 Euros to 59 Euros based on the size of the vehicles . The price for different vehicles is different and is indicated at the time of visit on the MOT center.

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What happens if my car fails the MOT test ?

On receiving report of MOT test , if their is any problem in your vehicle it need to be fixed within 10 working days from the test being conducted . The list of repairs and necessary improvements in the vehicle list is provided by the agency it self and you need to get them repair as soon as possible to avoid further Government penalties.

How long does an MOT test take ?

Based on last few years observations ,it was noted that the standard MOT test in UK is conducted within 45 minutes to 1.5 hours . If their is some issue in detecting the problems , then such test can take long time to be addressed.

What if the MOT certificate has expired ?

On completion of the test , a certificate is granted by the testing agency for stating the status of the vehicle. On receipt of certification , you can run your vehicles on UK roads , untill the next due date for MOT Testing arrives.

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Can I still drive my car if it fails the MOT test ?

There can be a possibility that your vehicles fails to pass the MOT Test in UK . Provided , if there are certain repairs ,you have to get them done as soon as possible. Till then if caught running such vehicles on road , you can be hefty fined by the agencies .

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