All About ONDC Registration and Benefits to Startups

There are many good startups in India which have come up with new concepts to increase employment rate and growth opportunities. Amazon and Flipkart become the giants of e-commerce, the Indian government is also going to come in the race, in which it is a platform that is going to have such a feature lane in which a buyer will know sitting at home that the shop of the product is equal. Available, which shop will get maximum discount and how can he get his products from ONDC sitting at home.

If ONDC is understood in the word Asana, then it is a concept model, almost like Zomato and Swiggy, the customer orders online, the product is through the delivery partner and the customer pays online. In this, the customer also gets the goods sitting at home and his good discount offers are also seen. Read the post carefully to understand the ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) initiative.

What is the ONDC Initiative?

Bandhan ke liye is form ko bharo

ONDC is one such initiative of the government in which APs will be able to see offers from all sellers of all companies linked to a product and will also be able to buy online. In this if ap to search a product like printer you will see price quote of all ONDC registered seller like amazon or flipkart or any local shop which is near you and you will also get to see offer for us.

ONDC can also be said to be an initiative comparison tool and government regulated payment options will also be available like BHIM UPI, net banking, digital payments etc.

What will be the benefit of ONDC me Kiryana Shop / Local Shop?

The ONDC Initiative Me SBI has focused more on local sellers and shops. If AP hold a local shop then list your business for AP ONDC seller registration. Will your sales increase, you will also get free promotion.

It has more benefits than local shops or kirana stores as their sales or consumer value is very high and due to multiple delivery partners, the delivery will also be given on time. If AP register with AP ONDC to run a kirana shop then you can avail:

  • The rates of your shop are known to all the people.
  • Customers like your products to compare with top seller.
  • If you have all delivery partners then you do not need to hire delivery partners.
  • Wholesale and wholesale dealers also visit this place.
  • Wholesale let me get you orders fast.

ONDC vendor registration is also very easy and it is a complete online process with no physical verification.

What will be the benefit to the individual buyer in ONDC me?

An individual buyer is faced with being deceived every time we find online products to be counterfeit products, then deliver the wrong products. ONDC benefits you personally what to buy product to compare your local vendors to check rates of your local vendors.

Bad shoppers have the following advantages for registering ONDC me:

1. Choose from which seller they want to buy the product.

2.Select that product delivery craga.

3.Wo follow the e-commerce return policy, redo and get refund as well.

4. Due to government control, the chances of fraud are reduced.

How to register in ONDC?

ONDC Registration me individual buyer skte by registering as in any normal shopping app and start his shopping by using the poorly proven login to register. Any ONDC integrated application has to be registered with my sbse phle mobile number along with which email address has to be entered.

bad ap to verify email and mobile number about any product i like search section you apk find us product quotes from all offline sellers and online all sellers according to your location and offers or cashback on them Option is also available. ONDC just says something that I have implemented as a pilot project.

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Where is ONDC available?

ONDC is currently going on as a pilot project and consider with it the process of onboarding sellers, improving the shopping experience of the buyer or the process of taking buyer review feedback, onboarding delivery partners. The process in which all delivery partners want, be it a company or a delivery boy on a bicycle, all will be able to register in it.

Surf in States is now available in ONDC India:

1.Delhi NCR,





The process of ONDC vendor registration has not been perfected as of now it is in the trial stage of the government. The ONDC initiative in India was launched in April and is currently operational. If you also want to register on the ONDC platform in the coming time or want updates related to us, then we can share in the niche comment section. Don’t forget to share the article.

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