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Online there are more than 1 million applications which help you make money online . Also , you might be searching for some option with which you can earn by playing games online , doing surveys or testing activities . These activities generally help unemployed people to make good money from their home, while they can also do some part time jobs to make money for their living . To help make people some good money online when they are paying games , Earnista a mobile application was launched by App Oxygen .

Earnista help you make money online when you play games and win those games . Compared to other mobile games , Zupee or Ludo ,you have to make certain deposites to earn and have to watch several ads to help the developer make some money to return you in the form of income . You might not have to do such things in this applications .

If you are struggling to find a legit application to earn by playing games online , then in this article we shall be sharing you more about Earnista and the entire procedure with which you can make money online .

What is Earnista ?

Earnista Mobile gaming application is the simplest of its type as the application includes playing games and helping the player earn some money for using the application . Earnista as stated by the developer is a strategic gaming application with which you can receive rewards for playing games online and the more harder level you play the more chances you get to make money from the games . It is completely a skill based and a knowledgable game , which is free to play by person of any age .

The application include games which also develop thinking and logical skills . While you can play games like Sudoku , Tic Tac Toe and Number Ninja like games which are purely number based to help you and your kids learn some logical thinking skills .

The application is available on the Google Play Store and can be played on almost all android devices listed by the company App Oxygen .

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How can you earn by playing in Earnista ?

Earnista is purely an advertisement based revenue earning application which earns money by adding more and more users to its users base . It is expected ,the game is in rollout session and is not adding much revenue options for the users . But soon more games and earning options can be observed in the game . At present , a player can earn by playing games and by inviting more friends or referrals to the application .

Once the application is entered, a person has to register with either mobile number or email and then have to verify the account to play games. For winning each game some amount of coins are added to the account of the player which can be redeemed from the app . The application for trial basis can be accessed with a dummy login .

To earn money on this app , you have to signup using your gmail account and for redemption of earning , login with email is mandatory .

Is the earn by playing games app Earnista trustable ?

The application developer App Oxygen on playstore has 3 more listing of games and applications in the same category where the developer is paying good amount of money to people for playing games. Earnista mobile earning application can be considered as a trusted application to earn money as the app since its launch is making payment to its users and contains more than 100 reviews on the playstore .

The application makes payment in Paypal which is also a trusted method chosen by the developer to make payments . So ,the application is good to use untill it asks for any deposits .

How much time you have to spend daily to earn on Earnista ?

There are more than 9 games in the application with which you can earn 1 gold coin from playing each game . Apart from playing games , the application has also included to help players make money by completing some short surveys or receive bonuses by ways of inviting more people . For daily earning at least 1 USD on the application , you have to spend at least one hour of playing .

Each game pays you for the most right answer you say in the app . Once , the game is completed the total Gold amount is collected in the Gold Section and then you can convert this gold to Dollars in the app for redemption .

How to withdraw funds from Earnista mobile game app ?

The payment option for players in Earnista mobile gaming application is provided for Paypal . The developer has also included the bank redemption option , but the feature is still under development . The application UI is simple to understand and it makes payment when the user plays the game and win Gold . The other way one can win is by earning silver coins by referring friends . About 1000 silver coins become 1 $.

To withdraw funds , you have to sign up to the account and once 25 USD is collected , you can apply for redemption in the application .

Do you have to make any deposits in the app to earn money ?

There is no such requirement in the application for the players to add money in the app to make withdraw or to earn money . You can start earn by playing games and referring people. The most earning option in this application is by completing surveys .

In this article , you got to know how you can earn by playing games online on Earnista Application . If you have any queries on this , you can ask us down in the comment section below . 

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