Paying HMRC Self Assessment in UK – Self Assessment and Making payment of Taxes in UK 2023

For taxation compliance on an individual for making payment of taxes on their income in UK as self employed or as an owner of a business , the government of UK provided for self assessment of income rules for people there in UK. Filing these taxes , people in UK are required to undergo paying HMRC self assessment tax through a tax return to the HM Revenue and Customs organisation (HMRC) where as a taxpayer you have to certain your income , profits and provide for your sources of income to the government .

There are certain complications in the mind of every tax payer in UK with reference to paying HMRC self assessment and filing the returns to the government. In this guide , we will be helping you to know more about this aspect including procedures of self assessment , filing of assessment , payment of taxes , due dates and penalities linked to self assessment of HMRC in UK.

When is the self-assessment tax due ?

Every year , the due period for self assessment of taxes goes between 6th April to 5th April of the next year which becomes due on 31st January of the following year . For instance , if the assessment is to be done for the year 2021-22 , then due date would be 31st January 2023. In case , you failed to miss this deadline or make wrong submissions to the organisation – then their can be hefty penalties to be charged on the assessee.

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How to pay your self-assessment tax bill ?

In UK , for an assessee if their is any tax due or any assessment is done which requires some payment to the department , then their are several ways that you can proceed with paying HMRC self assessment which include payment by online banking ., credit or debit card , pay by tax bill through bank transfer , pay at the bank or you can send a cheque payable to the HM Revenue and Customs only at their address. For confirmation of payment , it is necessary to receive intimation from the department and to wait atleast for 3 days .

It is necessary that no payment to the HMRC is to be done by way of cash bills or cash .

What if you failed in paying HMRC self assessment ?

paying HMRC self assessment
Image Source : HMRC

There is a deadline provided for HMRC self assessment and payment of taxes to the government by the due date . If by any reason , as a taxable assessee you fail to pay the assessment amount , then the department will charge a penalty of 5% flat on the amount payable on the account for every 30 days penalty. On the due amount , a penal interest will also be levied till it is made due towards the department.

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How do I file my self assessment tax return online UK ?

The only way you can file a return or statement of HMRC due on the website of the department . For this , you need to open an account with the HMRC and once the sign up process is done , then you can choose the self assessment format or take consultation from a taxation expert in UK.

How do I prepare my UK self assessment tax return ?

As a beginner in taxation , it would not be easy for you to prepare your statement or do compliance of paying HMRC self assessment in UK ,as you have to gather all your information about income ,expenses , tax deduction and then file a return on a paper . It is advisable that you go through advice of a taxation professional.

What happens if I don’t file Self Assessment UK ?

It can be said that if you failed in paying HMRC self assessment , then the entire penalty amount stated in clause of the department as stated above will be charged from you untill it is paid fully and closed with the government .

What happens if I don’t register for Self Assessment ?

There is a mandate on self employed and entities to get themselves registered on the HMRC portal in UK , to pay their penalties and the payable tax amount .

How long does it take HMRC to process self assessment online ?

Depending on the information provided and scale of business , it might take upto 8 weeks or more for processing of your return with the HMRC. In case of any mismatch or any error , the department might ask you for a rectification on the tax return .

Where do I send my UK self assessment tax return ?

During self assessment , you can send your HMRC by post to the department by completing it on a paper . You can also file a tax return online if you are capable to do self assessment knowing all sections and clauses of the laws.

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How do I activate my HMRC self assessment ?

There is only way you can activate your HMRC self assessment and that by registering an account with HMRC . Once registered , you can file your self assessment and make payment of your taxes online .

To activate your HMRC self assessment, you will need to register for an online account with HMRC. Once you have registered, you can sign in and access the Self Assessment service to complete your tax return.

It can be said that paying HMRC self assessment is an crucial responsibility of every resident in UK .It is necessary to record all facts of income , expenses , deductions and the tax amount payable to the government in the assessment statement . In case some false information or some wrong information is submitted , it will lead to legal problems and might cause heavy penalties to pay by the taxpayer.

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