Royal Mail Service Cost in UK – Checking Royal Mail Tracking, Parcel Delivery and Services 2023

Sending mails or parcels in UK could be a hassle process as you do not get multiple agencies for sending mails and parcels within UK and abroad . Either you are sending , a gift or sending an order to your customer , you can use Royal mail service online to send them the delivery . The delivery booked with Royal mail include a long process of buying postage online and tracking the collection of the parcel online on the Royal mail platform .

If you are a customer of Royal mail or want to send your goods through Royal mail , then you might be thinking of what is the cost of sending parcel in UK , how to track parcels on Royal mail and what are the contact points of Royal mail for tracking your delivery ?. To help you with all these concerns we have created this article for you .

Cost of Royal Mail Parcel Delivery in UK 

To check the cost of parcel delivery with Royal mail in UK , it is necessary you check out all the guideliness with reference to weight , size and the delivery location where the goods are to be sent . On royal mail postage cost , can be calculated on the provided Royal Mail price finder tool there on the website which you can use to find the overall cost of sending your post through first class , second class ,signed for special or special delivery routes.

Buying Postage or Booking a Collection Order on Royal Mail

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As an alternative option than booking a delivery parcel with Royal mail ,you can also buy postages available on the Royal mail platform which cost around 95P to 5 Euros depending on the location of mail . You can buy digital postages from Royal mail and can locate the near bypost office to take your parcel for delivery as per booking .

Also , you can with a similar procedure book for a collection order on Royal mail website itself after making payment of a small fee amount . The parcel will either be delivered to your doorstep by the company .

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How to Find Addresses and Postcodes for Parcel Delivery in UK ?

There are only few locations which are reachable by Royal mail service in UK for which you need to check the workable addresses and locations on the platform . On the website , you can check for the working postcodes available for mailing your parcel for which you can use the Royal mail postcode finder online in UK .

On booking the parcel , you can use this tool to find the right location and the estimated delivery of parcel on a particular location with the details of the postcode.

Redirecting Process for Mails with Royal Mail

In case , you have sent a mail or parcel for delivery with Royal mail in UK or you are opt to receive some order of yours through the company , then by tracking the movement of your parcel on Royal mail , you can also shift a redirection of it to your second address if you are not available on your current address . This facility is provided by royal mail service , for which you need to update the address of the parcel at the time of the delivery or before the delivery happens on the website of royal mail itself.

Depending on the distance located from the actual location , you have to pay additional charges for redirection of parcels with Royal mail anywhere in UK . As an alternative , you can also take delivery of your missed parcel in UK by placing a status on your mail on the royal mail system and can reschedule for a delivery attempt again . The team of Royal mail , also on unsuccessful delivery of the parcel places a Something for you card in your mailbox outside your home so that you can check for what delivery was missed and can reschedule it online with Royal mail.

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Royal Mail Helpdesk Contact Support

Royal mail is one of the trusted courier and mail service in UK . In case of any question or concern , you can directly ask the team members of Royal mail through their contact support points . Royal mail provides different support contact options including mobile , email and live chat support . By mentioning your postcode and your tracking number you can ask for your delivery .

To contact Royal mail in UK , you can contact through these contact points :

Call : 0345 2661 004

Email :

Live Chat 


How to check if the Royal Mail is on strike?

An easy way to check if their is some strike of Royal mail workers or the agency , you can check the official website Or you can ask for your deliveries at the time of strike through their social media handles or customer support options .

Does Royal Mail send parcels to customers for businesses and marketplaces ?

Royal mail offers services to both individuals and marketplaces . For sending parcels , you get multiple options like Standard , Tracked and Next day delivery services.

How to check if the mail is lost or recovered with Royal Mail ?

If in any condition , you do not receive any response to your mail or complaint solution with the Royal mail department , then you can contact on their customer service . You can also apply for an investigation of your lost parcel with the team . The company does pay for compensation if it is required.

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