Will Elections 2024 hamper your returns in Stock Market SIP ?

Stock Market SIP in Elections 2024 – With election results coming of 2024, the share market is on a rapid increase in prices of stocks and investors are getting more and more returns while participating in rally. Some traders or investors are looking it as a bearish run with the positive happiness of the election results , while some seeking it as an opportunity to increase their stock prices by inside trading or investing through third party companies , so that prices of the stock can be increased for the long run .

In this article , we shall be discussing whether it is good to stop your SIP till the elections 2024 or whether to make any fresh investment in any stock in this election season or not . Also , we shall be discussing whether you should sell your existing positions for profits or not .

Risk in SIP going till Elections 2024 

For all those who are making a regular SIP in stocks for getting better returns while some retails investors are making SIP of about 30% of their salary every month which makes them a huge amount invested in mutual funds or stocks .

In this election season , the rally in the share market is too bullish and due to this prices are inflating in market. Due to increase in NAV of multiple mutual funds and stocks people are paying for a higher NAV during this season which in the coming years can be expected to come down .

Is it beneficial to stop your SIP before elections till election goes ?

It can be said that NAV of the mutual funds can be inflated due to increase in prices of stocks and it cannot be predicted that prices will further go up or not . If you are currently holding NAV at some price pointed invested for too long , then you can exit your positions to book your profits and start a fresh investment .

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Is market in the right position to enter into a mutual fund SIP ?

No , it cannot be said that this is the right time because of elections people are preferring more equity than long term investing for short term gains which is making the prices go . If you purchase for long term in this time , the prices may slash down making you big losses . But if you lower price NAV invested of any mutual fund , then you can stop your SIP to enjoy your current profits.

Because in future , there can be situations where your higher buying of NAV can lower down your profits.

Investing in SIP while Market making new ranges

If market seems making new ranges on day basis or weekly basis , then it is the right time that you should stop your investment in mutual funds and jump into equity making quick profits on weekly swings on higher returns .Try working on top 50 nifty stocks in this season and hold for few weeks or months for returns .

Equity or SIP in Mutual funds Till Elections 2024

In our opinion , it is better to go with Equity till elections 2024 ends because you might be able to create wealth much better in equity in this term rather than waiting for mutual fund NAV to grow .

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What can be expected after Elections 2024 in SIP in mutual funds or SIP in Stocks ?

It can be said , that prices in the market after 6 months of election can tend to become low or crash . It is only a bullish run due to elections hype.

Note : We are not registered advisors with SEBI , but you can consider our advice as a view before undertaking payment of your next SIP of mutual fund or stock.

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So, we have tried to provide you our opinion on keeping your SIP or not keeping your SIP in this election season . While you can also view for the aspect of investing in equity for the coming election period and can definitely stop for SIP.


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